All Vaporizers

All Vaporizers

The entire Konyo Vaporizer line up including our 3 in 1 vape pen, oil pen, wax and herbal vaporizer pen. We have a sleek, portable, high quality vaporizer to meet your needs. All equipped with our massive high capacity battery that is built to last.

Triad Vape Pen Kit

Triad Vape Pen Kit

The Triad gives you everything you need for any job. This gives you an oil pen, wax pen and dry herb pen at a very low price. Featuring our new special wick system that allows for a cleaner and better tasting vapor.

About Konyo

About Konyo

We deliver the best vaporizer pen available today in a sleek and slim ultra portable package. Utilizing state of the art technology all of our units feature power lock, controlled heating and a super clean vaporizing process.

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The Smartest Vaporizer Pen

At Konyo industries we strive to deliver the latest technology with a line up of vaporizer pens that meets all of your needs no matter if you are using flowers, wax or oils, we have a vape for you. Each and every Konyo is based on three simple ideas, be ultra portable, lightweight; deliver speed with functionality and use only the highest quality parts. These three ideas are what has made us the best, most innovative vaporizer company to date.

Utilizing only the most advanced components from lithium batteries, ultra efficient heating chambers and digital displays insures that we are the leading manufacturer in the industry and always a step ahead of the competition. Based in Colorado we work closely with industry experts and medicinal facilities to bring the most innovative ideas to the market. Each model we produce is rigorously tested before delivery to the customer so give credence that you are getting a quality vape pen that will last and perform consistently day after day.


Why Use a Konyo Vaporizer Pen?

Konyo Oil Attachment Every Konyo features our patented Intelli-Chip that produces the fastest heat up time and ensures the correct temperature with every push of the button. This microchip is not only designed to get your vaporizer ready fast, it also acts to quickly cool the unit saving and extending the life of the battery. Heat is the biggest factor with all battery designs and was an essential part of our design team’s effort to make the best product available. When the heat escaping the chamber is reduced all components will suffer less fatigue, and function properly allowing for a longer lasting product. With the power lock on each battery, there is no need to worry about the unit turning on in your pocket or while traveling, even if the button is compressed the intelli-chip tells your unit to power down.

Konyo’s offers a digital display on a vaporizer pen, this display lets you know exactly how much battery you have left, when you will need to charge and that your unit is reaching the correct temperature on each push of the button. No other vaporizer on the market is as smart, well designed or longer lasting.


Triad Vape Pen

The Triad is our newest addition and is at the forefront of vaporizer pen design and functionality. The only unit featuring an advanced digital display and the ability to vaporize not only flowers but also wax and oils with the included attachments. This means you can seamlessly switch between different concentrates without having to change over to a desktop model. The oil and wax attachment can quickly be traded out for the herb chamber and no matter which attachment you are using, you get the same instant heat up time and all the functionality of the Intelli-chip. The Triad vaporizer pen is the first of its kind, and the answer to vape users needing a 3 in 1.


Dry Herb Pen

The Dry Herb vaporizer is our original design, and the basis for the Triad 3 in 1 design. With the dry herb unit, our development team first introduced the Intelli-Chip and the quick cooling heat chamber. These components allowed for a drastic increases in the life of the components (especially the battery) and an all around smarter vape pen. The Intelli-Chip is directly linked to the on battery digital read out so you always know exactly how much life you have between recharging. The Konyo flower chamber is also built to be extremely efficient with the eternal heat with minimal escape, this allows for instant vaporization of plant matter with no waste.


Oil Pen

The Oil Pen is a simple design made to work with common over the counter oils found in medical dispensaries throughout the United States and Canada. Many shops that carry Konyo will have pre filled oil cartridges ready to go for your convenience. The Oil Pens come standard with out advanced lithium ion battery with digital display, and a a special 12 wick Atomizer for intense vapor with every hit. With a our Oil vaporizer you can hear the unit engage as soon as you press the button and there is never any waiting for your oil to heat up as our atomizers reaches temperature instantly.


Wax Pen

Our Wax Pen was developed along side the Herbal unit and was designed to be simple and affordable as wax was a very new idea in the vaporizer world at the time. This model does not feature the digital display but all the parts are of equal quality to our other vaporizers and the same technology has been passed up to the Triad with some slight improvements. The wax pen will work with most forms of thick hash oils as well as pure wax concentrates with ease. The compact heating chamber eliminates leakage and is ready to go in under 6 seconds.


At Konyo industries we try to make buying a vaporizer pen as easy as possible giving our customers a choice that fits every need and budget. No matter which Konyo you choose know that you will be getting the latest in technological advancements that is ultra portable, lightweight, high quality.


Video Reviews and User Guide




“Hands down the best pen for wax. The dab dome is an awesome piece when you are with friends and you can easily scale down to the dry herb chamber. Yeah it works great with wax to.” – Mike F, Nfusion Vapes

“The only pen that I will trust for my concentrates. Nothing else compares and I have tried them all. Our customers rely on Konyo” – Cole F, Earth & Sky

“Great vaporizers and the best customer service in the business. The Konyo Triad is simply a must have if you believe in the vapor! I recommend them to all my customers” – Chris B, Vaporizers Fast

Warranty Quick Guide:


*One year parts replacement program

*Thirty day warranty for defective units

*Twenty five dollars per part to cover processing fees, handling, and shipping charges

*Program includes ceramic heating chamber and lithium ion battery

*Please request an RMA through our contact form before sending back your products

*Please keep your receipt


At Konyo Industries we stand by all of our products produced and the quality of the parts. Our vaporizers are guaranteed to the original purchaser for forty five days from the purchase date to be free of material and manufacturing defects. The warranty applies for normal usage as outlined in our product documentation on this site. Please read all literature thoroughly before using your vaporizer to ensure you are staying within these guidelines.


Our digital batteries and heating chamber replacements are available to verified customers opting in to our replacement program. Through this program customers can replace these parts for shipping and processing fee of only twenty five dollars per part for replacements.


To be eligible for the program a Return Materials Authorization or RMA  must be requested though this website via the contact form. If your item is received back without completing this process, it will be returned at your expense. When your RMA is requested you will receive detailed instructions on where to send your item and what is needed from you as a customer to proceed. Please allow up to 2 weeks for return processing. Any fees incurred during the return process can be paid via credit card, debit card or paypal.


For units that are received as DOA (dead on arrival) the above RMA return process still applies.


NOTE: Any unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to sender.