Triad Vape Pen

Konyo Triad 3 in 1 Vape Pen
The Triad is with you need itKat with the Triad and dab dome attachmentA close up of the Triad with the dab dome attachment

The Triad features:

Dab dome

Wax adapter

Dry herb cartridge

Tank for CBD and oils

3 in 1 vaporizer


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Product Description

Kat combing with the Triad VaporizerThe Triad by Konyo gives you every thing you need for oils, wax and even dry herb. It is a complete three in one vaporizer pen, and the only portable vape you will need. By utilizing 2 separate cartridge attachments, this unit is able to cleanly vape oils with the special 12 wick tank system, and be ready to use with dry herbs or wax in seconds with the herbal vaporizer cartridge and wax attachment.

The Triad is a slim and sleek design that is easily portable in a bag, pocket or in the additional transport case which holds all the necessary attachments. Another great design feature of the Triad is that all of the needed components screw together, so you never need to worry about the tank coming off or losing a mouthpiece.


Triad Oil and Wax Attachment

The Triad oil cartridge features a unique 12 wick design that allows for a cartridge that will not only last a lot longer, but also delivers a very clean taste as the heating coil is separately contained. By splitting the oil pen tank into wick sections, the Triad designers were able to create a whole new system that acts as a filter, keeps the working parts clean and rids the likeliness of a burning or plastic smell found in many  low quality oil pens. The Triad oil attachment is also very easy to clean do to this new process in design allowing for a quicker change when switching oils or to waxes. For waxes the wick system is simply replaced by a screw on wax bowl, waxes added and the quickly resembled to vaporizer. The no-drip mouthpiece now comes standard with every Triad Vaporizer and removes the likelihood of oil or condensation from the vapor being released while vaping. This oil and wax attachment are the first and only of their kind.


Triad Dry Herb Attachment

The Konyo Triad dry herbal cartridge contain a high quality ceramic heating element which reaches 400 degrees almost instantly allowing for full vaporization of dry materials or flowers. The temperature is dictated by the contents used, combined with the rate of draw. The Triad cartridge will never drop below 375 degrees as the Intelli-Chip is always in full control.

The heating chamber is unique in that it is equipped with a hand-made ceramic core which provides even heating to the contents consistently and safely. Another great feature of this dry herb cartridge is the dual filtration which keeps degraded particles within the mesh filter and sets up a second ceramic filter just below the mouth piece. This filtration system also acts to cool the passing air for a more enjoyable experience. The Konyo Intelli-Chip combined with the rapid cooling chamber act to keep components clear of heat lengthening the life of your vaporizer.


The Triad Vaporizer Battery and Power Lock

The rechargeable lithium ion battery on the Triad is built to last with minimal charging thanks to the massive triangular core. This battery allows for days of use without a recharge, and hundreds of puffs at 95hrs of continuous use. A full recharge takes only 2 hours and can be done with the convenient USB adapter which works with any standard USB 2.0 port such as a laptop or PC. There is also a wall adapter which attaches to the USB cord for use in standard outlets.

The Triad battery power lock system allows you to turn the battery on or off while not in use. This is a great feature that ensures the unit will not power up in a bag or pocket unexpectedly. To engage the power lock simple press the power button 5 times in short succession and the light will flash 3 times rapidly to let you know the pen has turned off. To restart the battery simply repeat the same process.

4 reviews for Triad Vape Pen

  1. Ashley Lowery
    5 out of 5


    This is the first vape pen I have ever purchased. I was a bit intimidated when searching for the right vape pen but after coming across this Konyo Triad Vape Pen my decision was very easy. I love that the triad is able to vape dry herb, oils, and wax. After receiving my triad the set up was very easy and took less than 10 minutes. I followed the video under the user guide and had no problems. The triad’s design is very sleek, it has a triangular shaped battery base and is a shiny black color. I like the shape and whole look of the triad. I do wish I came in other pretty colors though haha. When you first get this pen you must wait 8 hours to charge it up fully, this waiting was very difficult for me but it was worth it. It is easy to charge the battery coming with a wall charger and USB plug in. The screen on the battery shows the amount of charge your batter has and the number of hits you have taken since your last charge. This is a very nice feature because it is nice to see how much longer you have until needing to charge the battery again. I tried out the oil adapter first with essential oil in it. Putting in the oil was not difficult and the oil tank holds more than I had expected. The triad hit very powerfully but was also smooth at the same time. The pen heated up basically instantly and did not make the oil taste burnt at all like I have experienced with friends’ vape pens. Next I tried the dry herb chamber. Changing between the adapters is simple and takes only a few seconds to do. The dry herb adapter works as well as the oil chamber did. Heating up quickly and producing a strong vapor of my herb. I was very impressed by the speed of this vape and it cooled down quickly which helps to prevent burning yourself on the coils. I have yet to use the wax adapter but I am confident it will work just as well. The triad is very efficient and portable. I am very happy with my decision to buy this product. The konyo customer service was very knowledgeable and helpful with any issues I had after buying my triad. After noticing a small crack in my oil chamber and contracting them, it was quickly replaced with no problems. I would definitely recommend this product and now it never leaves my side.

  2. Austin-Joseph Yu
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is the first 3-in-1 vape pen that I bought, and I must say that it has been a stellar experience. The body is made of plastic, but it feels and looks like it’s made of a good quality plastic. The screen is nice and I very easy to read. It shows a hit counter and battery life left on the vape. The button is pretty standard and has a light which is a nice touch. I haven’t used the wax attachment yet, but it looks and feels very solid. The oil attachment is very clean burning and gets a lot of flavor. The smoke production is good, though I personally wish it would’ve made a bit more. The dry herb attachment has a nice filter system on it, and vapes herbs cleanly and evenly. The herb tank is a bit small in my opinion, but it does its job very well. I’ve actually saved more on herb in the long run. Overall the Triad’s build quality was sturdy and the multitude of attachments means that it’s ready for whatever you wanna vape. Had it for a month or so now and I haven’t gone a day without it.

  3. Simon H
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Well I’ve had the Triad for a little less than a week and I’m really loving it! It’s quite different to other vapes I’ve used in that there is a possibility to over heat the dry herbs and to actually burn them, but if you are careful with how much you hit the heat and how much you draw through you can control it nicely and get good vapour. I find that a 3-4 second burst then start sipping at the vape while holding the button, keeps it hot enough to get vape but not too hot so it actually burns… It’s a fine line and my wife isn’t really down with it just yet…
    There was an issue with the oil attachment being jammed a bit which meant I shredded the wicks trying to get it off, but a new attachment has been sent out to me by USPS.
    I am looking forward to trying the wax and oil attachments (when I have some to use) as this was something I was particularly interested in for the future. The flexibility of one vape pen for all the different substances :)
    It’s a really well made pen, we got to just under 200 hits before the battery died. Am recharging it again now so we’ll see if the battery improves upon further use. Very happy with it so far thou.
    Highly recommended!

  4. glasstailor
    4 out of 5


    This is the third vapor pen I’ve owned and probably the last. The two before lacked in power, performance, and battery life, all of the ways the triad pen succeeds. The dab dome is my favorite, hitting it just right(really lightly) you get a really big quality hit and my battery hit counter goes in excess of 200, my previous two were lucky to get 60 hits on one charge. The oil tank also works well and is designed well too. You really have to mess up to spill it. The dry herb chamber, also a champ, best vap I have ever hit, hands down, you could tell the difference. I only have two complaints when it comes to the Konyo, the directions could be a little more detailed(hard to see how to use the dry herb chamber), and it was a challenge getting it clean, although did clean better than my other two, directions could be more explicit in that area as well.

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