Dry Herb Pen
The Dry Herb Pen with DisplayKroy using the dry herb vaporizerThe dry herb pen easily fits in your front or back pocket

Dry Herb Vape Pen


Intelli-Chip, rapid cooling heat chamber and our digital display triangle battery make this dry herb vape the best in the business.

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Peder and KroyOur Dry Herb Vaporizer is for herbal blends and flowers. This pen features the same heating chamber used on the Triad and functions exactly the same. Coming first in the line up, the Dry Herb chamber is what inspired the Intelli-Chip and design behind the quick cooling chamber, allowing for further extraction of your herbs and much less waste. While this system cools it is allowing your battery to also stay off the heat giving it a longer life span. The Konyo triangular battery is built much like a pyramid in that is maximizes space with its efficient shape. This allows for a much stronger battery without being any larger then your normal vaporizer. As with all Konyo’s, the battery on this unit has the power lock feature that is a must if you plan on string this vaporizer in your pocket while traveling. Konyo equals simple, convenient and smart.

The base of the battery on the dry Herb Pen contains a digital display that lets you know how much you are using your vaporizer and most importantly when you need to recharge. This is a great edition for those vaporizing while traveling as you Konyo will last days with out needing a charge, it is always nice to know when that day will come.

Rounding out the Konyo dry herb vaporizer pen is a ceramic bowl which as most know has become a staple for clean vaporization. This ceramic filter is accompanied by a secondary screen to avoid any loose particles from being inhaled while drawing on the vaporizer. Both of these parts are neatly tucked within the chamber which is topped off with a special mouthpiece that wont fall off in use or in your pocket. The outside of the heating chamber has a heat resistant coating that will keep your unit looking new for years even with hard use day in and day out.




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