Triad Vape Pen
The Triad is with you need itKat with the Triad and dab dome attachmentA close up of the Triad with the dab dome attachment

Triad 3 in 1

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The Triad features:

  • Dab dome
  • Wax adapter
  • Dry herb cartridge
  • Tank for CBD and oils
  • 3 in 1 vaporizer
  • Free case and car charger
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More Information

Kat with the vaporizer on her deskThe “Triad” by Konyo gives you every thing you need to vape your favorite oils, wax and even dry herb. It is a complete 3­in­1 vaporizer pen, and the only portable vape you’ll ever need. By utilizing 2 separate cartridge attachments, this unit is able to cleanly and efficiently vape oils using our unique 12­wick system. You will be able to enjoy your choice of herbs or wax in seconds with our high­ quality herbal vaporizer cartridge and wax attachments. The “Triad” has a sleek design that makes it easily portable, whether in a bag, a pocket or the additional transport case, specially designed to hold all the necessary attachments. Another spectacular feature of the “Triad” is that all of the meticulously designed components screw tightly together, eliminating any worries about the tank coming off or losing a mouthpiece during transportation.

Triad Oil and Wax Attachment

The Triad oil cartridge features our unique 12­wick design system, allowing for a cartridge that will not only last much longer, but deliver an extremely clean taste. This is made possible by a separately contained heating coil. By splitting the oil­ tank into wick sections, the “Triad” designers were able to create a brand ­new system that acts as a filter, keeping the working parts clean and minimizing the likelihood of that burning synthetic scent common in most lower quality oil pens. The “Triad” oil attachment is also simple and easy to clean. For waxes, the wick system is simply replaced by a screw-­on wax bowl, which can be packed with your favorite wax for rapid vaporization. The no­-drip mouthpiece now comes standard with every “Triad” Vaporizer, and removes the likelihood of oil or condensation from the vapor being released during vaping. This oil and wax attachment are the first of their kind, and Konyo is thrilled to be able to offer them!  

Triad Dry Herb Attachment

The Konyo “Triad” dry herb cartridge contains a high­ quality ceramic heating element which reaches 400 degrees almost instantly, allowing for the full vaporization of dry material or flowers. The temperature is dictated by the contents used, in combination with the rate of draw. The Triad cartridge will never drop below 375 degrees, due to our “Intelli­Chip” and it’s total control of the heating element. The heating chamber is totally unique, and is equipped with a hand­made ceramic core which provides even heat to it’s contents. Another great feature of our dry herb cartridge is the dual filtration, which keeps degraded particles within the mesh filter. This sets up a second ceramic filter just below the mouth piece. This filtration system also acts to cool the passing air for a more enjoyable vaping experience. The Konyo Intelli­Chip combined with the rapid cooling chamber act to keep the high­ quality components clear of heat, lengthening the life of your vaporizer while providing a safe and consistent draw.

The Triad Battery and Power Lock

The “Triad” employs a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and is built to last with minimal charging, thanks in part to it’s massive triangular core. This battery allows for days of use without a recharge, and hundreds of puffs at 95hrs of continuous use. A full recharge takes only 2 hours and can be done with the convenient USB adapter, which works with any standard USB 2.0 port, like the ones on any laptop or PC. There is also a wall adapter which attaches to the USB cord for use in standard outlets. The “Triad” battery power lock system also allows you to turn the battery on or off while not in use. This is a great feature that ensures the unit will not power up in a bag or pocket unexpectedly. To engage the power lock simply press the power button 5 times in short succession, and the light will flash 3 times to let you know the pen has turned off. To restart the battery simply repeat the same process. Never be caught with a dead battery when you want to vape on­ the ­go.


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